My Films
In 2006 I took a year off teaching and became involved in over 30 film productions from children's chaperone to production manager and actress. In 2008 I did some work for the producing department/screen business at AFTRS and decided to start writing my own films with the intent on making them.

After 18 features, Nicola Furst is easily one of the best directors I have worked with
Richard Michalak, Director of Photography

Feature Films

I directed and produced A Dusty Town with Richard Michalak in December 2010/January 2011 over 18 days!
I selected actors with a wealth of experience to those with little or no experience from the 800 applicants. In making this film, I selected the characters I wanted to play: Jean and Miss Dawson. The commitment and dedication of the cast and crew in extremely difficult circumstances was incredible. Richard was the Director of Photography and also wrote the script.
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Short Films

August 2010
This was the first short film I made and was great fun to cast and film. I originally wrote it to give myself better dialogue as an actress.
The boys were all wonderful to direct. Written, Directed, Produced, Designed by Nicola Furst
August 2010
This film is based on a personal experience I had with a male model
during a sculpture class with the wonderful late Tom Bass many years ago. It is also loosley sprinkled with the teachings of the late Dr Phillip Groves. Both of these gentlemen's words of insight and depth of questioning resonated strongly with my own. This film is dedicated to them. Written, Directed, Produced, Designed by Nicola Furst
August 2010
This was a filming exercise using a theatre piece that I previously
acted the altenating parts each week during Dinner With a View
in Paddington May/June 2010. It was quite a challenge to do this on film and direct myself. Written by Walter Wykes, Directed, Produced, Designed by Nicola Furst